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School of Liberal Arts and Sciences | School of the Arts | School of Liberal Studies | Interdisciplinary Programs

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School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

School of Film and Media Studies

Director: Paula Halperin

Department Chairs

School of Humanities

Director: Aviva Taubenfeld

Department Chairs

School of Natural and Social Sciences

Director: Rudolf Gaudio

Department Chairs

School of the Arts

Conservatory of Dance

Director: Darrah Carr

Department Chair

  • Dance (BFA):

Conservatory of Music

Director: Jenny Undercofler

Department Chairs

  • Classical Music (Instrumental Performance, Composition, Voice/Opera Studies):Mina Kim
  • Jazz Studies: David DeJesus
  • Music and Technology (Studio Composition, Studio Production): Peter Denenberg
  • Academic Studies (Music History, Theory, Solfège, and Keyboard Studies): Stephen Buck

Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Director: Jack Tamburri

Department Chairs

School of Art+Design

Director: Cassandra Hooper

Department Chairs

School of Liberal Studies

 Director: Ragnhild Utheim

Department Chairs

Arts Management and Entrepreneurship

Department Chairs

Interdisciplinary Programs

Department Chairs