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Browse our academic majors to get ideas about the right major for you.

Are you ready to apply?

So you’ve checked out  our academic majors, attended an information session or met one of our dynamic counselors on the road, discovered just how amazing it is here and you’re thinking Purchase may be the college for you.

Well, if you are applying as a freshman and you’re in your senior year or have already graduated from college or if you are/were enrolled at another college or university and are looking for a new academic home or you’re ready for an advanced degree, we encourage you to apply.

How do you get started?

Different programs at Purchase have different deadlines and requirements.  

If you’re applying as a new undergraduate and want general instructions, visit our Quick Guide. To see instructions tailored to your specific major and/or status, visit our customized Application Instructions page.

Customized Application Instructions for New Undergraduates

Graduate Application