Make Art That Matters

If you’re serious about pushing your craft to the next level and articulating ideas that matter, learn more about our small and selective graduate programs here. Our renowned faculty are leaders in their fields and excited to work with our students to make art that matters. If you’re ready to apply, see the graduate applications instructions for each program. Some students may qualify for an application fee waiver.

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ProgramApplication Deadline for Spring 2023Application Deadline for Fall 2023
Art History, MA No Spring Entry March 1, 2023*
Art History/ Art+ Design Dual MA/ MFA No Spring Entry February 1, 2023
Entrepreneurship in the Arts, MA No Spring Entry May 1st, 2023*
Music, MM October 21, 2022 January 8, 2023
Visual Arts, MFA No Spring Entry February 1, 2023

*Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis after the deadline until enrollment goals are met