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Picture Yourself at Purchase


Picture Yourself at Purchase

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

—Ansel Adams

Layers of colorful experiences and exposure to new ideas mix with the knowledge you absorb, skills you acquire, people you meet, places you go, and a picture emerges—it’s your future coming into focus.

When you set foot on the Purchase campus, you know immediately there’s something different about this place. You’ll feel the buzz from the mash up of the visual and performing arts with the liberal arts and sciences all on one campus.

Boundaries blur, collaboration rules, and being an artist or writer or performer or scientist or philosopher is never synonymous with your major.

And Think Wide Open is so much more than our motto, it’s living proof of our creative and inclusive culture.

If you stand out, this is where you’ll fit in. We can picture you here. See for yourself.

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Percentage of 2022 graduates employed, enrolled in graduate or professional school, or both: 92%

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