We’ve chosen you to join our vibrant and creative community, not only because of your talents, but because we think you’ll make us better. Potential isn’t just about what you’ll be able to do; it’s how you’ll be able to share it. And you have the kind of skills and potential we actively seek out.

We know that this is a very big decision, and we want to help—by welcoming you to tour campus and reach out to us with questions. Choosing Purchase is a big deal—for you and for us—and it’s important to us that you have access to all the information you need to make the jump.

Already decided? Below are some of the next steps you’ll be taking as you prepare to think wide open.

First Things First: Setup Your Account

Nothing makes it more official than your purchase.edu email address. Activate your Purchase College Email at:

  • Online Account Activation
  • Select Activate your account for the first time
  • Agree to the Terms
  • Enter the required information and click SUBMIT, and then Create Your Password (this will activate your account)

Don’t forget to create a password; it’s this last step that finalizes the activation of your account. Now, go forth and claim those student discounts!


Once you have activated your email account you can now deposit and secure your spot. 

  • Go to myHeliotrope
  • Sign in using your Purchase email & password
  • Click the New Student box
  • Click on Pay Deposits
  • Please follow the prompts:
    • Enrollment Deposit ONLY ($150)
    • Enrollment and *Housing Deposit ($400)

All deposits are due May 1, 2018 (Fall Enrollment)
All deposits are due January 14, 2019 (Spring Enrollment)

Purchase College does not ask or consider a response to the criminal history question in the admissions decision process. However, please be aware that if you seek access to student housing, study abroad or internship opportunities, or professional licensure, you will be asked to provide this information. Also be aware that a prior felony conviction may impede your ability to complete your chosen degree program or receive professional licensure in your chosen field.


Once you have paid your housing deposit, you will be prompted to complete the Residence License Agreement (RLA) and room preference questionnaire.  Students who do not complete will not be given a room assignment.  Students also need to be registered for a full-time schedule (12 credits) by August 1st (fall semester) / January 15th (spring semester) in order to be placed in housing.  Students who do not register for a full-time schedule will forfeit their housing deposit.


Students will start to receive notifications about how to register for classes in Mid-May.  Students can learn more about the registration process on our Academic Advising website.   Students should be aware that a full-time schedule is needed in order to be placed in housing.

Next Steps

Check out your interactive next steps checklist to see what you will need to do next! 

Accepted Students Events

Still trying to decide or already declared Purchase as your school? Meet some future friends and fellow students, and chat with the professors who will be guiding you throughout your time here. Check out our Accepted Student Events and save the date for one of our two upcoming meet and greets.


Orientation is where we really get things rolling here at Purchase. It’s a big part of starting your life here. You’ll get a taste of campus life, traditions, and social opportunities, learn about on and off campus resources, and connect with faculty, staff, and fellow students.


Need help or have questions about the process of becoming a Purchase student? We’re here to help.