They are also personally responsible for the college’s tuition, fees, and other applicable charges and are bound by all college policies. For financial aid, please contact the financial aid office at your home institution. There is no formal application and acceptance process. Just follow these simple steps.

Please reference the Academic Calendar for information on when you may register.

How to Become a Visiting Student

1. Submit your information to create your student account

If you are a new visiting student, complete and submit the Student Data Form. Refer to the Student Data Form instructions for assistance. If you receive a “duplicate” error message, please wait until the next business day and then proceed to the next step.

2. Activate your email account
Approximately 15 minutes after submitting your student information, you’ll want to visit to activate your email account. To do so, you’ll need the personal email account you provided when submitting your information or your Social Security Number.
 3. Identify courses that interested you and register 

Course descriptions and schedule information are available on the myHeliotrope course searchOnce you’ve selected your class, you’ll want to register via the Add/Drop link in myHeliotrope. For more help, review the Registration User Guide.

Students must meet any course prerequisites. Visiting students from other colleges are responsible for obtaining approval from their college to transfer Purchase College credits back to their college before registering for credit courses.

 4. Access the Current Student Portal
Now that you’re a current student, when you need to access your information visit the Current Student portal. This will also keep you informed of campus announcements.
 5. Pay your bill
 For vising students, bill payment is due within 24 hours of registration to ensure your spot in the course. You can pay through the secure payment portal on myHeliotrope. Be sure to review the Student Financial Service’s website for the refund and tuition policies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I registered for a course as a visiting student, now what?
As a visiting student, payment is due in full within 24 hours of your registration. If payment is not received, you will be automatically dropped from the course and will need to add the course again if you wish to take it. Please refer to the Tuition and Fees policy for more information.
How do I transfer the credits I took at Purchase back to my home school?

 Students may request their official transcript using myHeliotrope. Once signed in, requests can be made in the Student Records section. The college will not provide transcripts for any current or former student who owes money to the college. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all holds have been cleared prior to requesting a transcript.

Do I need to upload transcripts to Purchase to show what courses I’ve taken elsewhere?
Purchase College does not require that visiting students submit their transcripts. However, a professor may request documentation that a course per-requisite has been met.
Should I visit the Card and Parking office for a campus ID and Parking Pass?
Yes, all students on campus should always carry proper identification, which includes a Purchase College ID card. If you will be parking on campus, you are required to have a parking pass. For more information vising the More Card Office.
I’m on the waitlist for a course, what does that mean?

If you are waitlisted for a course and a spot becomes available for you, you will receive an email to your email account letting you know that you have 24 hours to register before the spot goes to the next person in line. 

You will not be billed for courses in which you’re on the waitlist.