How do I apply for graduation?

  • Log in to myHeliotrope
  • Select the “Student Records” box
  • Select “Apply to Graduate”

What if…?

I don’t complete my senior project by the last day of the semester?

In extenuating circumstances, a sponsor may grant an incomplete grade. The project must be submitted to the library before the first day of the spring semester to be considered a January graduate; before Commencement day to be considered a May graduate; and before the August degree conferral date to be considered an August graduate. If an incomplete is not granted or the project is not submitted by the above deadlines, you will need to re-register for 4 credits of the Senior Project and verify with the registrar that your application for graduation is still valid.

I take an incomplete in my final semester?

An incomplete in your final semester usually results in delaying the graduation date until the next semester. Please consult with the registrar for details.

I miss the graduation application deadline?

You must apply for the next semester’s graduation. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

I am completing my degree now, but registering for a future semester?

Students who are completing a degree now, but register for a future semester to take additional classes will be considered a visiting student for the future semester. Once all degree requirements have been met, the Office of the Registrar will award the degree.