Things to consider prior to taking a leave or withdrawing from the college:

Any student who is considering or planning a leave or withdrawal should read the following information closely and should consider seeking advice from at least an academic advisor and student financial services before applying for the leave or withdrawal.

Students requesting leave or withdrawal should also be aware of the refund deadlines for the financial liability of the cost of tuition, fees, meals, and housing as well as other financial implications of withdrawing with regard to financial aid. Leaves and withdrawals are effective on the date that the completed, signed form is received at the Office of the Registrar. This effective date is used for calculating billing and refunds, and for assessing financial liability. Students who are not registered and do not complete the paperwork to request a leave or withdrawal will be administratively withdrawn from the college. A student who is administratively withdrawn will need to apply for readmission to return as a degree-seeking student.


For additional information on leaves or withdrawals, contact the Office of the Registrar at