Forms Regarding Your Personal Information

Address Change
Name/Date of Birth/Social Security Number Update
Name/Date of Birth/Social Security Number Update (Fillable PDF)

Forms to Change Majors and Minors

Declaration of Major
Declaration of Major (Fillable PDF)
Declaration of Minor
Declaration of Minor (Fillable PDF)
Change of Advisor
Change of Advisor (Fillable PDF)

 Forms Regarding Your Courses

Transcript Request
Transcript Request (Fillable PDF)
Registration and Add/Drop (Fillable PDF)*
Late Add Petition (Fillable PDF)
Course Withdrawal (Fillable PDF)*       Socially distanced course withdrawal
Late Course Withdrawal Petition (Fillable PDF)
Repeat Course
Request for Pass / No Credit Grade*
Request for Pass/No Credit Grade (Fillable PDF)*
Special Course Contract
Special Course Contract (Fillable PDF)
Senior Auditor Registration 
TAP Waiver
TAP Waiver (Fillable PDF)
Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Information

 Forms for Graduation

Graduation Application
Graduation Application (Fillable PDF)

 Forms for Studying Elsewhere

Pre-Approval to Transfer Credits
Transfer Credit Appeal
Cross-Register at Manhattanville College
Cross-Register at Manhattanville College (Fillable PDF)
Cross-Register at Long Island University
Cross-Register at Long Island University (Fillable PDF)


Application for Readmission
Readmission Procedures

Senior Citizen Auditors

Senior Auditor Registration*

*Visit the academic calendar for form submission deadlines.