Cross-Registration at Manhattanville College

Manhattanville College and Purchase College allow a limited number of matriculated students from each institution to cross-register at the other institution, typically for coursework not offered on their home campus. There is no additional tuition charged for cross-registered courses, but additional fees may be assessed for certification courses (excluding teaching certification).

Students require the permission of both institutions to cross-register. Purchase students who are interested in cross-registering at Manhattanville:

  1. should consult with an advisor at both Purchase and Manhattanville before registration; and
  2. must obtain the signatures of their advisor and the registrar on the Cross-Registration Form.

Depending on its needs, Manhattanville College may completely restrict its registration in some areas. Manhattanville courses that are generally not available to Purchase students through cross-registration are:

  • Studio art
  • Management and economics
  • Computer science
  • Independent study
  • Business
  • Education
  • Certification courses
  • Any course that is offered at Purchase 

Cross-Registration through Another SUNY College

Full time, matriculated, undergraduate students can take part in SUNY’s cross-registration program. The intent of a student taking cross-registered course(s) is to complement the student’s overall academic program when an equivalent course is not available at Purchase College or the enrollment capacity has been reached in all Purchase College offerings. Not all SUNY schools participate in the SUNY Cross-Registration; therefore, it is best to speak with staff in the Office of the Registrar before completing the SUNY Cross-Registration form.

Fast-Track/Early Admit MBA and First-Step Teacher Education

Collaboration with LIU Hudson has made it possible for qualified Purchase College students to accelerate their attainment of an MBA or MS.Ed by allowing them to begin earning credits toward these degrees at the same time they are completing their undergraduate work. LIU Hudson is offering Purchase College students two accelerated degree programs that fit well with any undergraduate major: Early-Admit MBA and First-Step Teacher Education. Students admitted into the accelerated degree programs may take two graduate courses (6 credits), which are applied toward both their baccalaureate and their master’s degree, thereby shortening the time needed to complete the graduate degree and reducing the cost. For both the “Early-admit MBA” students and “First-Step” teacher education students, LIU Hudson tuition is discounted by 50 percent of the rate effective at the time the courses are taken. The courses will be counted toward both the total number of credits required for the MBA and the Purchase College baccalaureate degree. Visit for more information.