Optional Submission

We offer you the opportunity to share a little more about yourself above and beyond the required application materials.  Students will be able to submit a Think Wide Open submission after an application is received.  Students can log into their Applicant Portal in order to submit. 

What Does Think Wide Open Mean to You?

By choosing Purchase, you make a conscious decision to join an intense community with a deep respect for individuality and diversity. It’s an unparalleled environment that honors creative expression, collaboration, and innovation.

How does Think Wide Open relate to academic success? To living authentically, listening and learning, treating others with respect, and making positive contributions to our community both in and outside the classroom? How does it relate to your approach to work, relationships, and how you encounter the world around you?

Be specific, be broad, be metaphorical. We simply hope to learn more about you.

Get Creative!

You can choose a written format—essay, poem, short story—or any other creative medium. Just be sure it’s original and connects to Think Wide Open in some way.

Videos, visual art work, and previously graded work should include a brief introduction or statement that helps contextualize your submission for the viewer/reader.