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Artwork by Lenore Hernandez ’22

How open could space be?

It’s an endless universe of stars, planets, and galaxies and many things that humans may not even know exist. It’s interesting to think about. So far, only 4% of space has been seen, leaving 96% to be explored. Astronomers sometimes can’t comprehend what they see. It could be dark matter or energy, mysterious substances. Take those mysterious substances. They could be your thoughts. Some ideas could be at a point where you cannot comprehend them yet, but as they keep developing you can get a deeper sense of understanding. Just like astronomers who want to explore and assimilate their total surroundings of the somewhat incomprehensible, we have to dig into our thoughts, pick at them until we get to a point of understanding self-expression.

Artwork by Lenore Hernandez '22: Lost 2017, acrylic on canvas