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Emiliano Diaz

Associate Professor of Philosophy

My research focuses on the phenomenological tradition of philosophy and on its founder, Edmund Husserl.  Of particular interest to me is Husserl’s account of perception and its pre-predicative nature.  


The Critical Limits of Phenomenology: Husserlian Phenomenology as a Modest Metaphysics of Appearance. European Journal of Philosophy, 1-23 (2023). 12910 [PDF]

Typical Subjectivity: Transcendental Phenomenology and the Possibility of Intersubjectivity. Idealistic Studies (2022). 10.5840/idstudies2022322139 [PDF]

Peripheral Experience and Epistemic Neutrality: Color at the Margins. Husserl Studies (2020). [PDF]

Transcendental Anticipation: A Reconsideration of Husserl’s Type and Kant’s Schemata. Husserl Studies (2019). [PDF]

Representative Courses

PHI 1515: Ancient Greek Philosophy: Philosophy and the Polis

PHI 2060: Existentialism

PHI 3025: Temporality

PHI 3592: Phenomenology and Embodiment

PHI 3730: Philosophy of Mind

PHI 4170: Consciousness