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Emiliano Diaz

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Emiliano Diaz’s research examines the relationship between preconceptual or nonconceptual forms of engagement with the world and those that proceed at the conceptual level.

Though he approaches his research from a phenomenological perspective, he also believes it is important to properly contextualize his work and foster dialogue among various philosophical traditions. Thus, his research proceeds along two main tracks. The first takes Immanuel Kant’s discussion of imagination and the distinction he draws between sensibility and the understanding as a starting point and guiding thread. Kant’s work here is key to understanding how the analysis of our nonconceptual engagement with the world is developed within the phenomenological tradition. The second aims to analyze, critique, and incorporate insights from work done on nonconceptual content in the philosophy of mind.

Diaz has taught at Stony Brook University, Hofstra University, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice.