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  • Apr 22
    Barbara Segal, Professor Mary Kosut, Professor Leslie Wilson

    Artist Barbara Ségal in Conversation with Prof. Mary Kosut & Prof. Leslie Wilson

    Time:  6:00pm

    Barbara Ségal is a sculptor and master stone carver who lives and works in Yonkers, New York. This spring, Ségal’s sculpture Dash (1994) is the focus of an exhibition in the Neuberger Museum’s Open Classroom created by the curatorial cohort of the Department of Art History’s “Exhibition” course. Taking the form of a bottle of laundry detergent—but made from inlaid marble—Ségal’s Dash demonstrates the artist’s distinctive blend of technical skill and irreverence that speak to the history of sculpture, the politics of mass media, appropriation, and gender.

    For the second of two conversations with the artist this April, Ségal will be joined by Purchase College’s Professor of Sociology, Mary Kosut, and Assistant Professor of Art History, Leslie Wilson. This conversation explores Ségal’s use of personal themes in her work, with particular attention to her play with everyday objects and monumental references.