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VOCES–Oral Histories and Spanish for Heritage Speakers

The VOCES program aims to build community among Spanish-speaking students, their families, staff, and the larger community in and around Purchase College. 

Our voices matter! We matter!

¡Nuestras voces importan! ¡Nosotros Importamos!

*Para subtítulos en español, haga clic en el botón de subtítulos (CC) en la parte inferior derecha del video*


We will learn and record family stories and document the history of Latinos in the area around Purchase.

We will produce video and audio recordings of these histories in English and Spanish.

These stories will be published via a digital archive for anyone to hear and through a textbook to help others learn Spanish. And public exhibitions will showcase our stories and who we are.

Become a VOCES Fellow!

As an inaugural VOCES Fellow, you will participate in a unique opportunity next semester. You’ll build community on campus and nearby, connect with students and faculty, and have the chance to invite your family into your educational process.