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Student Publications

Purchase students have a lot to say. And they also publish it.

Outlets for Creative Expression

Several student publications are issued in print and online every year featuring creative writing, journalism, visual arts, and more. And most are interdisciplinary in scope and submission philosophy. 

Hands-On Experience

Not only do students rely on these publications as vehicles for creative expression, they provide hands-on experience for future careers as writers, journalists, editors, designers, and publishers.

We’re so pleased to hear from many graduates who report their experiences with these publications were stepping stones that helped them secure their first jobs out of college.

The Beat Logo The Beat

Feel It. Follow It. The Beat began as a printed publication in the fall of 2012, its first issue developed from the profile pieces written by students in Professor Andrew Salomon’s The Beat of Music Journalism class.

The idea emerged as he edited their papers. In the first issue he wrote, “I was continually buffeted by compelling tales of people yearning for unique and universal things, overcoming obstacles, battling the odds. Suddenly I wasn’t grading a stack of papers anymore. I was reading the rough draft of the first issue of a magazine.”

The Beat continues today as a printed magazine, published semi-annually.

Red Phoenix Logo P The Purchase Phoenix

The Phoenix is an online news provider, the main “newspaper” of the the college. Its faculty adviser is Donna Cornachio, assistant professor of journalism.

Visit the Purchase Phoenix.

EXPOSE in yellow lettering on a green background Expose

Expose: The Journal of Expository Writing biannually shares a selection of noteworthy personal and critical essays that are created by students in College and Expository Writing courses.

Italics Mine logo Italics Mine

Italics Mine showcases the new, creative literary voices of Purchase College students—majors and non-majors alike—through print and web.

The semi-annual publication is offered in print and online, spearheaded by students in the Lilly Lieb Port Creative Writing program, a highly selective and structured BA program that shares features of the college’s arts programs.

Visit the Italics Mine site.

SubMag (Submissions Magazine logo) Submissions

Submissions Magazine is an interdisciplinary student-funded magazine devoted to everything creative at Purchase College printed semi-annually.

In the past they have printed: poetry, paintings, comics, essays, faculty features, dramatic writing, music composition, fiction, non-fiction, drawings, and much more. Follow along on Instagram.

Past issues can be found online