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College and Expository Writing Program

The ability to express ideas clearly and effectively in writing is essential to success as a student and citizen.

Students learn and practice these skills throughout their academic career at Purchase College, beginning with College Writing (WRI 1110) in their first year. College Writing teaches students to:

  1. produce strong written work at the college level
  2. read and think critically
  3. take a position and develop an argument of their own
  4. research a topic and write a well-organized paper that develops their claims in dialogue with the sources
  5. revise and improve their papers
  6. present their ideas orally

College Writing is taught in small sections in a seminar/discussion format that requires students to achieve proficiency in speaking and listening as well as writing and reading.

Entering students may only be exempted from College Writing by achieving an AP score of 4 or higher. For additional information, refer to the college policies.

English as an Additional Language

Courses in English as an additional language (EAL) are also offered under the auspices of the college writing program.