There’s no better place to be undeclared than Purchase College.

At Purchase there is no typical student.

Some have been honing their artistic skills from a young age and are laser focused on their academic path. Others are not sure exactly which direction they want to go. 

If you’re undecided on your major, you’re not alone.

While some of our undeclared applicants have absolutely no idea what to major in, many more have so many ideas and interests, they’re just not ready to decide. And keep this in mind: many students who declare a major change their mind during their time at Purchase.

We offer 47 majors and 32 minors in the arts and liberal arts and sciences to ignite your interests and passions. At the heart of academic life at Purchase is a strong liberal arts education that emphasizes inquiry, mastery of skills, and creativity to lay the groundwork for a personally and professionally fulfilling life, regardless of your major.