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Athar Abdul-Quader

Assistant Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science

Athar Abdul-Quader is interested in mathematical logic, and, in particular, model theory, the branch of mathematics focused on studying classes of mathematical structures from the perspective of first order logic. He focuses mostly on studying models of a particular set of axioms, known as Peano Arithmetic, which arose in the 19th century from an attempt to formalize number theory. This research is deeply connected to notions arising in philosophy of mathematics as well as in computer science, including the notions of truth, provability, and computability.

More About Me

Abdul-Quader has previously taught mathematics at Bronx Community College, Queens College and at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Prior to entering graduate school, he was a software engineer at Morgan Stanley and Google. At Morgan Stanley, he was part of the Java infrastructure team, which developed and maintained internal Java libraries used across business needs by developers throughout the company. At Google he worked on internal-facing web applications. View more about Professor Abdul-Quader on his website.


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