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Senior citizens and college students outdoors sitting at table, looking at laptop

Broadview at Purchase College


As construction concludes, we are welcoming our newest neighbors!

Broadview at Purchase College

Purchase College’s intergenerational learning program bridges the gap between generations through a partnership with Broadview, a residential learning community for adults 62 years and older, housed on our college campus.

At the heart of our program is “Think Wide Open.” Our motto captures so much about Purchase culture—rigorous pursuit of ideas, high regard for dialogue, creativity and collaboration, mutual respect, and of course, inclusivity and acceptance. Building on these values is our intergenerational learning program that threads itself throughout the campus, and is especially alive in the area of continuing education.

Broadview will be an extension of Think Wide Open; a vigorous learning community for residents whose values are consistent with our own. They’ll blend into our community in ways that benefit students and faculty as well as themselves.

Open to the entire Purchase College community, the Learning Commons will be a center for engagement, a laboratory for lifelong learning, offering students of all ages intellectual and social growth opportunities beyond the typical experiences available on either a college campus or at a senior residential community.

“We are all aging, so ageism is actually a prejudice against our future selves”
says Ashton Applewhite in this Let’s End Ageism TED video.