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Dear Broadview at Purchase College Members,

We are thrilled that you chose Purchase College as your new home.

Purchase College is a distinctive member of the State University of New York (SUNY) family. Our motto is “Think Wide Open” and we try to live that way. We’re the dreamers, the DIYers, the future of arts and culture, of the humanities and the sciences. We’re passionate about everything—from rigorous coursework to current events to maintaining a sustainable campus, and we work to create the kind of society we want to see in the world. We respect others, ourselves, and our surroundings.

The mission of Intergenerational Learning at Purchase College is to improve the lives of Purchase College students, faculty, staff, and Broadview community through intergenerational collaboration and programming. Research indicates that intergenerational programs provide a multitude of benefits for college students, older adults, and people of any age. We are committed to advancing intergenerational learning through programming and activities on the Purchase College campus.

As you will come to find out, Purchase College is a vibrant, dynamic and diverse community. Attend performances, exhibitions, and lectures; get involved and enjoy the rewards of making a difference.

Welcome to Purchase College!


Kelly Jackson, Senior Director of Intergenerational Learning and Program Planning
Heather Hamelin, Intergenerational Learning and Continuing Education Coordinator