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Upcoming Events

  • Jul 24
    Collage of older adults creating and looking at art

    NEU Vitality Art Summer 2024 Culminating Event

    Time:  12:00pm—1:30pm

    Gallery viewing and light reception.

    See the creations of our talented Summer 2024 NEU Vitality Art Workshop Series participants showcased for one day only in the Museum’s Open Classroom Gallery (first floor).

  • Sep 18
    Book cover for Magda Teter's Christian Supremacy: Reckoning with the roots of Antisemitism and Racism

    “Christian Supremacy: Reckoning with the Roots of Antisemitism and Racism” a Book Talk with Dr. Magda Teter

    Time:  7:00pm

    Join us for a book talk with Dr. Magda Teter as she examines how Christian theology of late antiquity cast Jews as “children born to slavery,” and how the supposed theological inferiority of Jews became inscribed into law, creating tangible structures that reinforced a sense of Christian domination and superiority

  • Sep 27
    Garrick Ohlsson and the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

    Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and Garrick Ohlsson

    Time:  7:30pm

    Audience favorite Orpheus Chamber Orchestra opens The PAC 2024-2025 season, with soloist Garrick Ohlsson.

  • Oct 4
    David Sedaris

    An Evening with David Sedaris

    Time:  8:00pm

    David Sedaris is one of America’s pre-eminent humor writers, beloved for his personal essays and short stories. 

  • Oct 15
    Dr. Hasia Diner

    Jews and Blacks Repair the World: the Remarkable Life of Julius Rosenwald

    Time:  7:00pm

    Julius Rosenwald (1862–1932) rose from modest means as the son of a peddler to meteoric wealth at the helm of Sears, Roebuck. Yet his most important legacy stands not upon his business acumen but on the pioneering changes he introduced to the practice of philanthropy. While few now recall Rosenwald’s name—he refused to have it attached to the buildings, projects, or endowments he supported—his passionate support of Jewish and African American causes continues to influence lives to this day.

  • Oct 19
    Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

    The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

    Time:  5:00pm

    Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center returns to The PAC with Bartók and Beethoven.