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School of Liberal Arts and Sciences | School of the Arts | School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education

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School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Acting Dean: Ross Daly

School of Film and Media Studies

Chair: Agustin Zarzosa

  1. Cinema Studies: Greg Taylor
  2. Film: Iris Cahn
  3. Film/Video Production (minor): John Young
  4. Media Arts and Culture: Michael Bell Smith (the program launches in fall 2018)
  5. Media Studies: Jason Pine
  6. New Media: Joseph McKay
  7. Playwriting and Screenwriting: Peggy Stafford and A. Dean Bell

School of Humanities

Chair: Aviva Taubenfeld

  1. Art History: Paul Kaplan(BA) and Elizabeth Guffey (MA)
  2. Asian Studies (minor): Renqiu Yu
  3. Creative Writing: Monica Ferrell
  4. Expository and College Writing: Aviva Taubenfeld
  5. Global Black Studies (minor): Shaka McGlotten
  6. History: Laura Chmielewski 
  7. Jewish Studies (minor): Rachel Hallote
  8. Journalism: Andrew Salomon
  9. Language and Culture , Gari LaGuardia
  10. Latin American Studies: Alexis Silver
  11. Liberal Arts (BALA): Lee Schlesinger
  12. Literature: Gaura Narayan
  13. Philosophy: Morris Kaplan

School of Natural and Social Sciences

Chair: Linda Bastone

  1. Anthropology: Jason Pine
  2. Biology: Jan Factor
  3. Biochemistry and Chemistry: Stephen Cooke
  4. Economics: Sanford Ikeda
  5. Environmental Studies: Ryan Taylor
  6. Gender Studies: Shaka McGlotten
  7. Mathematics/Computer Science: Knarik Tunyan
  8. Political Science: Peter Schwab
  9. Psychology: Meagan Curtis
  10. Sociology: Chrys Ingraham

School of the Arts

Dean: Lorenzo Candalaria

Arts Management and Entrepreneurship

Interim Director: Trudy Milburn

  1. Arts Management (BA): Maria Guralnik
  2. Entrepreneurship in the Arts (MA): Jordan Shue

Conservatory of Dance

Interim Director: Nelly van Bommel

  1. Dance (BFA): Darrah Carr

Conservatory of Music

Director: Jenny Undercofler

  1. Classical Music (Instrumental Performance, Composition, Voice/Opera Studies): Tara O’Connor
  2. Jazz Studies: Pete Malinverni
  3. Music and Technology (Studio Composition, Studio Production): Peter Denenberg
  4. Academic Studies (Music History, Theory, Solfège, and Keyboard Studies): Stephen Buck

Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Director: Rebecca Rugg

  1. Acting: A. Dean Irby and Ronni Stewart
  2. Theatre Design/Technology: David Grill and Lori Wekselblatt
  3. Theatre and Performance:  Jordan Schildcrout

School of Art+Design

Interim Director: Christopher Robbins

  1. Graphic Design: Warren Lehrer
  2. Painting and Drawing: Cynthia Lin
  3. Photography: Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa 
  4. Printmaking: Casey Hooper
  5. Sculpture: Kate Gilmore
  6. Foundation: Janine Polak
  7. Visual Arts (BSVA): Nancy Bowen
  8. Visual Arts (MFA): Faye Hirsch

School of Liberal Studies 

Director of Liberal Studies: Trudy Milburn

  1. Liberal Studies–Legal Studies: Trudy Milburn
  2. Communication: Megan Rossman
  3. Liberal Studies- Ragnhild Utheim

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