Selection Process

Not surprisingly, Purchase is seeking bright, intellectually curious, civic minded, socially engaged, motivated, and enthusiastic students who not only want to learn but also make a difference in our community and world at large. For each entering class, we are interested in students who welcome opposing views and opinions, respect differences, and challenge conventional wisdom.

In evaluating applications, we are very interested in a student’s academic history and  demonstrated readiness for college level work. Most incoming freshman at Purchase have earned at least a B+ average and pursued a typical college prep curriculum in high school—four years each of English, foreign language, mathematics, and social science and three to four years of laboratory sciences.  

But it’s not just your transcript  that we look at. The Admissions team conducts a holistic review of your application.

Holistic Review

In our review of your application we consider you as a whole individual. We evaluate applicants based on who is best poised to succeed in our programs and will contribute to our academic community in meaningful ways. We consider rigor of high school coursework, academic and extracurricular interests, unique talents, and personality, writing/video submissions, character and personality, letters of recommendation and community service/involvement. Decisions for most programs are made on a rolling basis; freshman applicants who meet our deadlines will be notified of their admission status no later than April 1.