Our arts management graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence to advance further study in arts management or careers within the global, multi-billion-dollar arts, entertainment, and creative industries.

Student Studying

What makes the arts management program exceptional?

  • 40 credits in required courses leaves adequate room
    to investigate, as electives, other arts and business-based courses across campus
  • Sequenced curriculum that supports critical inquiry through real-world application
  • Diverse and accomplished faculty representing a range of industry experience
  • Access to the rich cultural resources offered by the campus, Westchester County, and New York City

How can I be sure this program is a match for my interests and career goals?

The BA in arts management provides a broad introduction to business models, managerial roles, and practices common to a range of arts enterprise in the nonprofit and commercial sectors. The program’s core curriculum is complemented by industry-specific courses offered as upper-level electives in arts management or through other majors on campus, along with internships and independent-study opportunities.