So much more than the economy.

Economics is the framework that holds society together. It’s how we assign value, allocate resources, and make informed decisions to improve conditions and lives.

Economists study fiscal policy and business strategies, but they also tackle critical issues from global poverty, sustainability, and migration to inequity, mental health, school choice, and so much more. They identify flaws and propose solutions to affect substantive change.

The Economics BA Program

You’ll learn to research, analyze, and articulate information to solve complex problems that often lack clear answers.

Discover how to apply economic theory, statistics, and econometrics with real-world data and events to develop a holistic analysis and generate solutions. Use the invaluable skills you develop—critical thinking, problem-solving, oral and written communication, presenting ideas, etc.—in whatever you pursue next.

Well-Prepared for Graduate Study

Our students enter a wide variety of graduate programs from law to accounting, financial mathematics to international affairs, hospitality management to education in highly respected schools across the country, including

  • Columbia University
  • Georgetown University
  • New York University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Pennsylvania