• Deadlines


    • Priority Deadline: November 15 (Submit portfolio by December 1)
    • General Deadline: February 15 (Submit portfolio by March 1) 


    • Open to transfers only
      • November 15 (submit portfolio by December 1)
      • Graphic Design not available

    Important Steps and Info

    All applicants must first apply (using Common App or the SUNY App) and then will be prompted via email to submit the required portfolio of artwork in their Admissions portal. There is a non-refundable $5 portfolio fee.

    Please submit only one portfolio to the School of Art+Design major of your choice. Students from all majors complete a comprehensive visual arts foundation year in their freshman year, providing broad exposure to all of our available art areas.

    Should you be undecided about your choice of Art+Design major, please apply to BFA Visual Arts (Interdisciplinary).

    Available undergraduate major programs follow:

    Portfolio Content Requirements

    Twelve to Twenty Examples of Work

    Your visual portfolio should consist of 12–20 pieces, including observational drawings (see below) of your best and typically, most recent work.

    It should consist of a variety of media and approaches and can include a mixture of assignment-based projects, self-directed work and sketchbook work. Strive to give us insight to your creative process and personal interests!

    The portfolio does not need to be major-specific and can include any type of work including painting/drawing, printmaking, sculpture, digital work, etc.

    Please do not include work that copies photographs, uses the grid system, or directly replicates any other artist’s work (including replicating anime drawings, cartoons, or video game character designs).

    Regardless of major, please include both of the following assignments among your work:

    1. One self-portrait in any medium
    2. Two drawings from direct observation (not from photos)

    Transfers Applicants

    Please submit two to three examples of completed coursework, related to your desired major, to assist in future course placement.

    Additional Portfolio Information

    Submitting Work

    We realize that applicants are preparing portfolios for consideration to many different institutions and that you may already have a compiled PDF of work. Although we do ask that you submit individual images via our Admissions Portal, should you chose to upload a pre-made PDF, please make sure to adhere to the portfolio requirements and recommendations detailed on this page.

    Label Your images

    Please list title, media, dimensions (where applicable) and provide a description of each piece. It is helpful to our faculty reviewers for you to clearly label which item corresponds to which of the portfolio assignments.

    Detail shots

    If it is appropriate, you may provide detail shots of particular works. Be sure to indicate if an example is a detail shot.

    Multiple Views

    If a single image does not adequately display your work (e.g. a large sculpture) you may include more than one image.

    For additional information visit: School of Art+Design