Distinct from the professional BFA programs, the four-year BS in Visual Arts major is a hybrid of equal parts study in visual arts and one or more areas outside the School of Art+Design.

This freedom offers students access to the full range of programs at Purchase College—think painting and art history, video and political science, design and psychology, photography and journalism, or printmaking and creative writing.

The major provides an overview of contemporary art–based research methods and cultural theories, art history, and studio practice in a broad liberal arts context.

“The BSVA is designed for the academically engaged, visually perceptive, and skillful student who wants both the solid training in studio art and the broad-based education in liberal arts and sciences that are available at Purchase College.”

Stephen Maine, Chair, BSVA


“I focus on sculpture, but I’m also a history major, so I take classes in both majors. Being able to take classes in the arts and the humanities works best for me.”

Sarah Alden, Junior, BSVA and History

Student sits on the floor drawing.