Why Purchase? It’s What We Read…and Why

The open-minded nature of the campus culture endures and inspires.  

Our faculty were some of the first in the country to teach feminist and queer theory as well as literature from across the globe.

We remain committed to reading and teaching texts from a range of genres and perspectives, using a variety of critical methods while maintaining a traditional focus on close reading.

You’ll study novels, poems, plays, and graphic novels, as well as an equally wide variety of filmic texts. You’ll also enjoy writing together and being in close conversation with faculty members. 

Senior Project: Immersive and Transformative

All seniors work in small groups and one-on-one with a faculty member on the year-long senior project. You’re open to study and write about any text or texts that you choose. The immersive process not only results in an original piece of work you can use as a launch pad for whatever comes next, you’ll develop skills, confidence, and a sense of achievement. It’s not only what you learn, it’s what you learn about yourself.

Why Purchase?

The skills you acquire and the exposure to a broad base of ideas and perspectives can take you anywhere.

An English and Global  Literatures degree from Purchase College teaches you to write well and think critically, preparing you for a number of career paths. Our graduates have received PhDs, become teachers, worked as editors, published award-winning novels, written for television and emerging social media markets, practiced law, started businesses, and much more.