• Deadlines


    • Priority Deadline: November 15, 2020 (Submit portfolio by December 1)
    • General Deadline: February 25, 2021 (Submit portfolio by March 1)

    After these dates, applications will continue to be accepted and will be reviewed periodically as all materials are received. Applications may close at anytime so please apply and complete your application as soon as possible.


    • Open to all majors except Graphic Design
    • November 15, 2020 (Submit portfolio by December 1)
      • Graphic Design not available


    All applicants must first apply (using Common App or the SUNY app) and then will be prompted via email to submit the required portfolio of artwork in their Admissions portal. There is a $5 portfolio fee.

    Please submit only one portfolio to the School of Art+Design major program of your choice.  Students from all majors complete a comprehensive visual arts foundation year in their freshman year.

    Available undergraduate major programs follow:

    Portfolio Content Requirements

    Twelve (12) to twenty (20) examples of work: 

    • Include title, size, date, and a short description of each piece you submit.

      You must include both of the following two assignments among your work:
    1. One self-portrait in any medium
    2. Choose one from the following:

      Two drawings from direct observation (not from photos), 
      A set of three drawings/paintings that demonstrate your ability to look at an object in a new and interesting way. Working from direct observation (not from photos), you should draw or paint the same object three times, each time presenting it in an entirely new way. You can change your viewpoint, scale, composition, environment, lighting, etc. You can also change the medium and technique. The object can be anything, but you are encouraged to select something that would enable you to demonstrate your talents. Your goal is to show your skills, creativity, ambition, and engagement.

    Think Wide Open Response  

    Purchase College’s motto is “Think Wide Open”. We want to know what TWO means to you! Use this opportunity to give us an understanding of who you are as a person, artist and student: reveal what inspires you and what challenges you as a creative. Feel free to submit an essay, or any other format of work (poetry, song, 2/3/4-D artwork, etc). Please limit video clips to 5 minutes. All non-essay works should include a contextualizing statement.

    • Please do not submit a portfolio piece for this response!

    Additional Portfolio Information:

    Label your images: Please list title, media, dimensions (where applicable) and provide a description of each piece.

    Detail shots: If it is appropriate, you may provide detail shots of particular works. Be sure to indicate if an example is a detail shot.

    Multiple views: If a single image does not adequately display your work (e.g. a large sculpture) you may include more than one image.

    Photography: Applicants wishing to apply to the photography program should convey their competence in photography by submitting photographs of their already printed images (i.e., a picture of your picture). This is true for both film and digital photography for those who currently work in a printed process.

    For additional information visit: School of Art + Design