Printmaking is a forward-looking discipline with numerous intersections both within the contemporary art world and across local and global communities.

You’ll learn print processes as a mode of individual expression and as a medium of communication for social movements.

Through a strong grounding in traditional and expanded printmaking, you’ll learn the possibilities and limitations of various materials and processes such as woodcut, screenprinting, intaglio, lithography, digital media, animation, installations, and book arts.

The curriculum prepares you to take on the challenge of engaging ideas in you work as you become experts in your specific practice and transform from college students to professionals in the arts.

We empower you to push the boundaries of the medium by redefining what a print means as artists, printmakers, future educators, and soon-to-be-arts entrepreneurs engaged in the dialogue about the future of art.

“Through printmaking, we offer our students a new lens through which they can experience the world around them, engaging them to look at color, texture, material, and multiplicity in new and exciting perspectives.”

Amanda Thackray, Chair, Printmaking