Our Photography program provides in-depth study focused specifically on the understanding of photographs: what they do, how they function, and how to make them.

From the history of photography to advanced digital practices, students learn what it means to make photographs today.

Students begin with the traditional practice of film and large format photography and then work their way to building a robust digital practice. Students experiment with the material forms of book-making and  video art as well as conceptual ideas within a larger art world context. Culminating in a senior project and solo thesis exhibition, students gain the tools to navigate what it means to be a lifelong artist.


We offer private and group darkrooms, a non-silver darkroom, and a digital facility capable of high-end scanning and file preparation for inkjet and digital C-printing, as well as enlarged negative creation for non-silver printing.

“Studying photography is no longer only about only making images, although that is large part of what we do. It is about using images and understanding how they function; from social movements and documenting injustice to telling our own story and cultivating a heightened sense of awareness, photographs have the capacity to impact our lives today more than ever.”

Joshua Lutz, Chair, Photography

​Gallery of Student Work