The photography program provides an in-depth curriculum that is focused specifically on fine art photography through the study of traditional film, nonsilver, and new digital processes. Because our focus expands beyond making photographs into a deep understanding of how photographs function, our graduates are working in all fields of the photographic spectrum.

Students begin with courses in darkroom printing and continue with practical courses selected from an array of technical and conceptual electives. Formats range from 35mm to 8x10, and advanced technical courses are offered in silver, color, view camera, nonsilver, and digital scanning, editing, and printing techniques; and in video. Various thematic courses, offered on a rotating basis, encourage the integration of conceptual thinking with the materials and technical processes.


The facilities include group darkrooms with more than 50 4x5 enlargers, an 8x10 enlarger, 20 private darkrooms, a nonsilver darkroom, and a digital facility capable of high-end scanning and file preparation for inkjet and digital C-printing, and enlarged negative creation for nonsilver print.

Updated 9.9.21