• Deadlines

    Fall Application:

    Recommended: November 15, 2021

    General Admissions: January 1, 2022

    Video Audition: January 7, 2022

    Early Action: Not available

    Spring: Not available

    Application Requirements

    Audition Requirements and Dates

    Mandatory Requirements

    All applicants to the acting program for fall 2022 must submit the following to be considered for an acting program callback:

    1. Video audition submission
    2. Acting audition form
    3. Non-refundable payment of $55

    Faculty will be reviewing completed video audition submissions starting at the end of November and will notified students of a callback on a rolling basis.  If selected for a callback, students will be notified no later than the week of January 19th if they are being invited to a callback.

    • Callbacks will take place virtually via Zoom.

      • Call back auditions will be held virtually on:
        January 29th and 30th
      • February 5th and 6th

    • Acting audition times are set for Eastern Standard Time. For those in another time zone please plan accordingly.
    • Admission to the BFA Acting program is highly competitive and based on a required audition process conducted by the Acting Faculty and a review of the student’s overall application by Admissions staff. Only exceptionally talented actors who can demonstrate talent, creativity, and commitment will be offered admission.

    Video Auditions

    All video auditions should include the following:

    1. Two Monologues

    We are looking for imaginative actors capable of bringing their authentic self to a wide range of circumstances. With that in mind we ask for:

    • 1 Classical piece: The language or circumstance is heightened.
      • Shakespeare is preferred but will accept other classical/verse texts
    • 1 Modern/Contemporary piece:
      • Note: We consider Chekov/Ibsen/Shaw and the like to fall under Modern, not Classical

    The pieces should show a range. Often, that is taken to mean comedic vs dramatic. That distinction is less important than that you show your range.
    We want to see how you physicalize your character so, if possible, allow us to see that.

    • Each monologue should be roughly 90 seconds to two minutes in length.
    • We prefer two separate videos, one for each piece.
    • Upload videos or share links in the Admissions Portal.

    Your Monologue Video Should Include

    • Your first and last name
    • The date
    • Name of the play
    • Name of the author
    • Name of the character

    2. Picture and Resume

    • A snapshot will do if you do not have an 8 x 10 headshot.

    • Be sure that your name, address, and telephone number(s), are included on your resume. Your resume should include a complete list of theatrical activities.

    3. Essay

    • What event or circumstance in your life awakened you to the understanding that being an artist/actor was what you needed to do with your life?


    If you receive an invitation for a callback, be prepared with three or four pieces. We won’t ask to see all of them, but we may ask what they are and to see one or two.

    • If you didn’t previously submit Shakespeare, for example, we might want to see one. If you didn’t submit a comedy piece, we might like to see something along those lines.

    • We may ask you to sing, even if you are not a singer.

    • Be prepared to work with your auditors. This callback will be a work session and hopefully fun!

    Visit the Acting BFA program to get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    For additional information about the acting BFA program, visit Conservatory of Theatre Arts.