EOP/MAP at Purchase has a committed, dedicated staff who are eager to help students succeed. 

Admissions Process for EOP

First-year Students

Admission to the Educational Opportunity Program is not based on traditional admission criteria. If the candidate is academically eligible (below the college’s current academic standard) and demonstrates strong motivation for a college education, they will be conditionally admitted until an economic review is conducted or may be interviewed by a member of the EOP staff. Applicants must demonstrate financial need based on family income within a specific range.

Applicants to the conservatory programs must pass an audition, interview, or portfolio review by the conservatory which they applied to. After passing this step, candidates will be assessed for economic eligibility to the EOP program.

EOP Transfer Students

Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for consideration. Verification of enrollment in an opportunity program (EOP, HEOP, SEEK, CD) is required for transfer eligibility. Priority is given to EOP students in the State University of New York.

Precollege Orientation Program

All first-time students must attend the EOP/MAP pre-freshman summer orientation program in addition to the college’s regular summer orientation. The summer program for EOP is three weeks in duration and MAP is a three day program. The primary focus is to orient the student to EOP/MAP and begin to formally introduce the student to Purchase College and its various supportive services and build college academic skills. For more detail on the summer program, visit our Orientation site and click on the First Year Students tab.