EOP Academic Eligibility

Freshman Applicants

Students applying for EOP, must not be admissible according to the college’s traditional criteria. EOP candidate’s high school averages are 76–84. EOP follows the college’s Test-Optional policy and thus, SAT/ACT score submission is not required for consideration. Students applying from alternative high schools which do not calculate a student’s GPA will be required to submit SAT/ACT scores as a supplement to their transcript. For those submitting SAT scores, the EOP range is 930-1080 and the ACT score range is 17-21. 

Transfer Applicants

Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for consideration. Verification of enrollment in an opportunity program (EOP, HEOP, SEEK, CD) is required for transfer eligibility. Priority is given to EOP students in the State University of New York.

Income Guidelines

The table below lists financial eligibility requirements for EOP admission during the 2024-2025 academic year. To be considered economically disadvantaged, a student must belong to a household that is defined in this table, or the exceptions noted. Tax year 2022 will be used for eligibility. Learn more about the guidelines

EOP Economic Eligibility Guidelines

Household Size


1 $26,973
2 $36,482
3 $45,991
4 $55,500
5 $65,009
6 $74,518
7 $84,027
8 $93,536

*For each additional family member, add $8,732