Boundless Opportunity

Purchase College’s BA in Playwriting and Screenwriting is educating the next generation of screenwriters, playwrights, artistic directors, literary agents, film critics, TV producers and showrunners, high school teachers, film directors, nurses, social workers, and marine biologists. That may seem like a lot of places to take a dramatic writing degree, but it is a sampling of where our graduates have gone.

Say More with a Liberal Arts Degree

Playwriting and Screenwriting at Purchase is uniquely designed for students who want a deep understanding of the art and craft involved in writing for theater, film, and television within the context of a liberal arts education.

We turn out strong writers who have something meaningful to say. 
 No matter where our graduates take their degree, we know opportunities abound for creative, collaborative people with strong storytelling and communication abilities. Employers are increasingly looking for skills that come from a more explorative college education.*

Winning Faculty

Our award-winning faculty of working artists bring warmth, humor, and generosity to the intimate workshops they teach. Our proximity to New York City gives students access to all the city has to offer,  including internships at theater companies, television production studios, talent agencies, and more.

Get to Know Us

Be sure to check out our newsfeed below and click the tabs to the right to meet our impressive faculty of professional writers, learn more about our internship opportunities, and find out what our alumni are up to.

Come write your story with us—and find out where it takes you.

* National Bureau of Economic Research, American Educator Magazine Fall 2021

Note to Transfer Juniors: Screenwriting I is being offered in Summer 2023 online. Taking this will greatly help you complete the program in four semesters.

Past Guest Instructors

  • Martyna Majok
  • Susan Soon He Stanton
  • Christina Anderson
  • Sylvan Oswald
  • Jaffe Cohen
  • Mattson Tomlinson
  • Andy Bragen
  • Katie Pearl
  • Melisa Tien
  • A. Rey Pamatmat
  • Margot Bordelon
  • MJ Kaufman
  • Greg dePaul
  • Charly Evon Simpson
  • Bryan Korn

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