In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all playwriting and screenwriting majors must meet the following requirements (54 credits):

Foundation courses: 23 credits

  1. PSW 1000/Playwriting I: 4 credits
  2. PSW 1010/Screenwriting I: 4 credits
  3. CIN 1500/Introduction to Cinema Studies I: 4 credits
  4. PSW 2000/Screenwriting II: 4 credits
  5. PSW 2010/Playwriting II: 4 credits
  6. THP 2885/Theatre Histories I or THP 2890/Theatre Histories II: 3 credits

Electives: 17 credits

Students choose their electives in consultation with their faculty advisor. At least 10 of the 17 credits must be upper level. Courses in the list of examples are subject to change, and new courses may be added.

Synthesis courses: 14 credits

  1. PSW 3880/Junior Seminar: 4 credits
  2. PSW 4880/Senior Colloquium in Playwriting and Screenwriting: 2 credits
  3. SPJ 4990/Senior Project I: 4 credits
  4. SPJ 4991/Senior Project II: 4 credits
  Examples of electives
CIN 1510/Introduction to Cinema Studies II
PSW 1230/Hollywood and the Writer
PSW 1250/Plays and Playgoing
PSW 2500/The Collaborative Process
PSW 3000/Screenwriting III
PSW 3120/The Writer and the Documentary
PSW 3150/How to Say It: Pitch Sessions and Public Speaking for Writers
PSW 3155/The Art of Rewriting: Killing Our Darlings
PSW 3200/Playwriting III
PSW 3230/Writers’ Scene Workshop
PSW 3300/Writing for Television
PSW 3400/The TV Writer’s Room
PSW 3500/Documentary Theatre: Performing Real Life
THP 2205/Shakespeare Then and Now
THP 3725/Adapting Literature for Performance

Effective Fall 2018
Playwriting/Screenwriting majors are required to complete a minor (or a 2nd major) in a liberal arts field of study. This excludes certain minors which students are still encouraged to pursue but they will not fulfill the requirement. Excluded minors are: Arts Management, Film/Video Production, Music, Theater and Performance, Creative Writing and Visual Arts. Students may still pursue these excluded minors (or 2nd majors) in addition to the minor requirement and will have room in their schedule to do so. If a student wishes to pursue liberal arts study in a field which does not offer a minor, a 5 course concentration with two upper level electives (minimum of 18 credits including a minimum of 6 upper-level credits) can be substituted in consultation with their advisor. 

Playwriting/Screenwriting Double Majors
laywriting/Screenwriting double majors are required to take Junior Seminar in either playwriting or screenwriting. They are not required to do the Senior Project or Senior Colloquium if they choose a Senior Project in their other major.  Double majors in the non-excluded areas of study will fulfill the required minor.