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Justice matters. Learn how law can make a difference.

What is Law and Justice Studies?

Law touches on every aspect of life. The interdisciplinary Law and Justice Studies BA program critically engages law’s political, historical, economic, and global dimensions, and considers the central institutional forces at play when examining the role of law in social policy and practice.

Explore the intersections between justice systems, social institutions, and lived experience, and learn to address critical issues in our society through the lens of law and justice.

Program Highlights

Faculty from the Field

Established professionals in the field (lawyers, judges, and other practitioners) teach practice-oriented courses that expose you to law in its current real-world application.

Build Knowledge + Skills

You’ll build knowledge in particular areas of interest and develop essential analytical skills you can apply across various professions.

If you plan to continue studies after earning your BA, the program provides an excellent foundation for pursuing advanced study or attending law school.

Experiential Learning

We work with law related organizations, including the New York Office of Attorney General (OAG), Brooklyn Legal Services, and others, to offer internship experiences that prepare you for future employment.

Students have interned in past years at:

  • American Association of University Women
  • Don Bosco Community Center
  • Westchester Hispanic Coalition
  • NYS University Police
  • Office of the New York State Attorney General

Career Focus 

With faculty guidance, you’ll tailor coursework to meet your future goals. 

As you culminate your studies, you’ll develop an original research project on a specific topic of your choice. You’ll apply all the knowledge and skills acquired to develop a carefully curated ePortfolio that showcases your work, talent, and training, as you prepare for employment or advanced study. 

Paths You Can Follow

By examining the role of law in society from varied perspectives, you’ll prepare for employment in a range of industries where legal matters feature prominently, such as:

  • Government agencies (i.e., social services, housing, education)
  • Law offices
  • Court systems
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Legal departments

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