Effective Fall 2023 Liberal Studies: Legal Studies has changed the title to Law and Justice Studies. Students who declare the Law and Justice Studies major beginning Fall 2023 and later should follow the requirements below: 

Law and Justice Studies

While fulfilling General Education requirements, and all  other degree requirements, students must complete the following requirements for this major:

  1. LEG 2015/Interpreting Law and Society (3 credits)* Transfer students may substitute Introduction to Criminal Law or Introduction to Civil Law. 
  2. Three Law and Justice Studies electives with LEG prefix (9-12 credits)
  3. LBS3024/Theories of Justice (4 credits)
  4. One upper-level (3000-4000) Law and Justice Studies elective (LEG prefix) or POL3050/American Constitutional Law. (3-4 credits)
  5. Two upper-level (3000-4999) Law and Justice Studies Cognate Courses (non-LEG prefix) from Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences, from approved list below (minimum of 8 credits).
  6. LEG3065/Legal Research (4 credits).
  7. CAP4800/E Portfolio (4 credits).

Note: Students must maintain a C- for required courses except Senior Capstone

For students who double-major in another degree program in which a Senior Project is a graduation requirement,  the Senior Capstone requirement will be waived upon satisfactory completion of the Senior Project. 

Total 36-39 credits

Liberal Studies: Legal Studies

While fulfilling General Education requirements, and all other degree requirements, students who are currently enrolled in Liberal Studies: Legal Studies (prior to fall 2023) should follow these requirements below:

  1. Humanities courses (15 credits)
  2. Natural Science courses (15 credits)
  3. Social Science courses (15 credits)
  4. Performing and/or visual arts courses (6 credits)
  5. Legal Studies Electives (15 credits)
  6. Upper Level courses
    • Social Sciences (12 credits) including LEG3065/Legal Research
    • One of the following
      • LEG3020/Law and Family
      • LEG3185/The Nature and Function of Law
      • LEG3480/Censorship
      • POL3050/American Constitutional Law
  7. Humanities or Natural Science Electives (8 credits)
  8. CAP4800/E Portfolio (4 credits)

Total: 90 credits