The Grey Bar Option 

  1. Select “Edit Page.”
  2. Select “Load a previous version of this page’s content” in the grey bar at the top.
    Edit a previous page version message.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear listing all of the versions of the page that have been published. Select the version you would like to use and then select “Save and Publish.”


 The Details Option

  1. Login to the CMS. 
  2. Go to the page you wish to recover
  3. Select “Details” in the black LiveWhale tool bar at the top of the page. 
  4. Click “Edit page details” in the gray drop down box 
  5. In the blue box on the right, select “View revision history,” which appears below “View or edit this page.
  6. Use the “Preview” option to view page versions. Return to the Revision History Page until you’ve found the correct version.
  7. Once the correct version is located, select “Revert to this copy.
  8. Choose from “Revert only editable content” or “Full restore.” “Revert only editable content”reverts back only the editable regions of the page. “Full restore”also reverts any template changes made.