The college catalog displays the program description, requirements, and courses from the Academic Program profile.

To change which courses are displayed, view the courses help page.

To edit information on the program profile, switch into the Academics group —>  select Profiles —>  select Academic Programs.  More information on editing the program profiles can be found on the program help page.

The college catalog also displays faculty and administration for each program, beneath the program details. 

Concentrations and Certificate Programs

The College and Expository Writing course, concentrations, certificate programs are all displayed in the catalog.

To achieve this, each course is set up with an Academic Program profile (even though they are not technically programs). They all have the tag “hidden from Academics page” meaning they don’t show up as program cards on academics pages but they do show up in the catalog.

The academics page for each certificate or concentration is driven by data from the Academic Program profile. For example, the Scenic Design page content is displayed using the “Concentration Description and Requirements” widget. Use the “Certificate Information and Requirements” widget for certificate programs.


Concentration pages have a URL that is four levels deep.
e.g. /academics/theatre-design-technology/requirements/scenic-design/

Certificate program pages have a URL that is  three levels deep.
e.g. /academics/psychology/certificate-in-early-childhood-development/

Interdisciplinary Courses

IDI courses are listed as an item at the bottom of the college catalog selection. Note, these courses do not have their own Academic Program profile. This option has been added at the bottom of the College Catalog program selector widget, and the courses have been included in the file widgets.

For developers:

The college catalog page is controlled by file widgets. The file are kept in the ingredients directory, under templates > includes.