Create a User

The screenshot below shows the top of the “Create User” form in LW. The top line is where you put their name, which is used for log tracking and identification within LW.

The upper half of the “Create User” form:

Upper half of create a user in a livewhale form for

  1. Callout #1 is where you associate this LW user with their SSO credential (Purchase College UserID.) The “Group” that appears immediately below their SSO-ID is their default Group within the LW CMS.
  2. Callout #2 is where you can add additionalGroups” – and this user will be able to switch between the Groups included in this list. Groups are generally divided between administrative “Offices” and academic “Programs” – and are labelled as such. There are additional groups for the core site areas of the site, but those are restricted. 
  3. Callout #3 is where you enter their email address, to receive notifications from the CMS.

The lower half of the “Create User” form:

Lower half of create a user in a livewhale form for

Once you identify the user and tie them to their SSO-ID, Callout #1 in the screenshot above shows where you assign their Permissions. Their permissions govern what they can do within the CMS and the Groups you assigned them to. The choices shown in the screenshot are the Default permissions, which you can expand or constrain using the checkboxes and drop lists provided.

Note: that most Content Managers cannot add users, this is shown here to illustrate how users, groups and permissions are related.