The homepage, portal pages and School of the Arts page all have different ways of managing Think Wide Open. Refer to these separate help pages to see exactly how to add content into the Think Wide Open bar.

Each Think Wide Open card shows:

  •  An image for news stories, galleries, and events. For videos it shows a video preview.
  • An optional Think Wide Open header. If you edit the story you’ll see this field near the top.

    If there is no TWO header, the name of the group that owns the content will be displayed instead. This usually the name of the group where the story was created, for linked stories. For copied stories, this is the division name.

    All galleries get the header “Photo Gallery”.
  • The title of the story or gallery.
  • The summary, capped at 3 lines before an ellipses is added.

How to add a Think Wide Open header to a story: