How do I list faculty?

The “Faculty List” widgets are used to list faculty profiles that have been stored in LiveWhale. Each program shows:

  • Full Time, Part Time and Emeriti faculty profiles in the current group.

    Note:  If you want to hide a Faculty profile from being listed by default as full-time via the widget “FacList Component: FT”, add the tag “Not Full-Time Faculty”.

  • Contributing faculty from any group.
  • Information about these profiles, including who sets them up and what is centrally maintained, is in the Faculty Handbook, under “Getting Started: Phone, Email, and Web Services.”

Faculty sort order

Choose from one of the following widgets to determine the sort order of faculty on each page:

  • Select Faculty List: Standard to display faculty in order of Full Time, Part Time, Contributing, Emeriti.
  • Select Faculty List: FT & PT together to show Full Time and Part Time faculty together, Contributing, then Emeriti.

What information is displayed for each faculty member?

The following information is displayed if the fields are completed on the faculty profile; these fields are centrally maintained in the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs:

Name (on leave: leave dates)
Title 1, (status*) optional title suffix
Title 2
Chancellor’s Award or Research Foundation Award**

*Note: part-time status is only displayed when using Faculty List: FT & PT together.
**Note: the email address is always [livewhale-username]

Board of Study Coordinator

This tag is centrally maintained in the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs. Use the tag Board of Study Coordinator for the faculty member in that position (and remove it from anyone leaving the position). 

  • If the coordinator is NOT in the faculty list for the program, you must share their profile with the program and add the “Board of Study Coordinator” tag to the shared version. Obviously, when the coordinator position changes, you’ll need to delete the shared version from that faculty list.
  • If the Coordinator is a Contributing Faculty member in the program, you’ll need to remove the program name from that data field in their profile, then share the faculty profile with the appropriate program.
  • For Art History, the tags are “Board of Study Coordinator BA” and “Board of Study Coordinator MA”; for Visual Arts Graduate Programs, the tag is “Board of Study Coordinator MFA”
  • GENERAL NOTE: When you share a profile with another group, it will travel with its current tags. That means if someone is the Board of Study Coordinator in their home group, that tag will travel with them to the shared group. If they are NOT the coordinator of that program, you can remove it from the shared version easily. And vice versa, as noted above, you’ll add the Coordinator tag to the shared version of a profile for a person who needs it.
  • Minor programs have the profiles widget “Board of Study Coordinator,” when applicable, in the sidebar of the program homepage.

Contributing Faculty

For faculty that contribute to a program, enter the program name in their profile under “Contributing Board of Study.” If the faculty member contributes to multiple programs, enter all the programs in the same field, and separate each program with a comma.

Research faculty

To display a section of “Research” faculty below the main listing, tag the faculty member with research.

*Note: full-time, part-time, contributing, or emiriti faculty members tagged research may appear twice in the listing.

Optional title suffix (e.g., “Guitar”)

To add a suffix after the Title 1, fill in the “Optional Title Suffix” field on the faculty profile.

The title suffix will always be displayed after the part-time designation
e.g. Assistant Professor of Music (Part-Time), Violin

Special program listings

Music department programs

For music programs, to designate the area head, tag the faculty member with head (and remove the tag from anyone leaving that position).

If there are multiple area heads, tag all faculty members with heads unless one of two heads is also a Board of Study Coordinator, then tag them both with head.

Instrumental Performance

For Instrumental Performance, the Faculty List: Instrumental Performance widget is used to display faculty in order of instrument.
Tag the faculty member with strings, piano, brass, percussion, woodwinds, or classical guitar. 
Enter the instrument in the optional title suffix for each faculty member.
To designate the department head, tag the faculty member with head, or heads if there are multiple department heads.

Interdisciplinary programs

For Interdisciplinary programs, select Faculty List: Interdisciplinary.
This widget displays Interdisciplinary faculty members from any group, with the program name in their “Interdisciplinary Board of Study” field. To enter multiple interdisciplinary programs, separate them with a comma.
The home school or conservatory for each faculty member will be displayed in the listing.

Liberal Studies

For Liberal Studies, the widget has been customized to exclude contributing faculty from Liberal Studies: Arts.

Visual Arts

For Visual Arts, the widget has been customized to exclude contributing faculty from Visual Arts, MFA, Visual Arts Graduate Programs, and Visual Arts, Interdisciplinary.

School and division listings

Faculty listings on schools, conservatories, and division pages combine individual listings on other program pages to display a complete listing of faculty in each school, divided up by program. 

To make this easy to manage and maintain, we are pulling in faculty from the “Meet the Faculty” pages on each individual program, and displaying them on the school/division faculty pages. This means if the faculty listing changes on a single program, the change is reflected at the school/division level. 

  • Open the “Meet the Faculty” page for the program you wish to display.
  • Go to the URL address bar and copy the part after “”
  • On the school or division faculty page, include a header with the program title.
  • Add  the Faculty by Program widget beneath.
  • Edit the widget path argument and paste the path to the “Meet the Faculty” page. Make sure to include the forward slash after </xphp>!
<h2>Visual Arts</h2>
<widget id="164_file_faculty_by_program">
<arg id="path">http://<xphp var="HTTP_HOST" type="server"></xphp>/academics/visual-arts/meet-our-faculty/</arg>