All of this content is managed from the Dashboard for the office group. Go to Blurbs and select the blurb you’d like to edit, or go to the file library to upload files.

Office Hours

Office Hours are displayed in the top-right of the office header. 
To enter the office hours, go to Blurbs > Office Hours, select the office hours (or add new office hours) and fill out the form. The office hours must be set to live to display, or hidden if you wish to hide them.

Q & A

Questions and answers entered under Blurbs > FAQs  will be displayed in the middle column of Office Landing pages. Include the question in the blurb title, and write the answer in the blurb body.


Any announcements entered under Blurbs > Announcements are displayed in the sub-content area of Office Landing pages, below the main content area. 

Office Sidebar General Content

If you wish to show some content on all pages of your office, such as contact information, you can include the content under Blurbs > Sidebar Content. Any content entered here will be displayed on Office Landing pages and Office Inside pages.

Office Sidebar Files

For certain files displayed on all pages of your office, such as downloadable application forms, you can upload the file to your office group and star it. All starred files are displayed on Office Landing pages and Office Inside pages.