How to create a BEM template

  1. Login to BEM
    Use your single sign on login details for the college
  2. Once logged in, click on “Templates
  3. Visit where it says “Add New Template” drop down and click on “Go
  4. Go to the WYSIWYG and click on “HTML” on the lower left side of the WYSIWYG
  5. Copy and paste your BEM template code
  6. **When creating your BEM template make sure to add this code into the body of the HTML code:
    The content region is where people who use the templates can add their content to the BEM template.
  7. Enter the template title (ie. LAStemp1)
  8. Select a Department where the BEM template should be accessible (ie. LAS). Selecting a specific department will allow the personnel of that department to only see that BEM template.
  9. Upload a thumbnail for the newly created BEM template, so have the thumbnail ready to go before adding the BEM template.