Pages within the LW CMS rely on pre-defined “templates.” These templates include the standard page header and footer that appears throughout the site, and they divide pages into editable content regions. The most common template is laid out like a tennis court (see #1 below) - a full-width content region at the top of the court, two half-width columns below that, and another full-with content region at the bottom. To the right of the court, there is an area for “Sidebar” navigation links, and below that, an area for “Related Links.”

In general, the content regions you can edit are bound with a yellow box and a label. Editors cannot change the site-wide header and footer. Editors can add additional content regions within the tennis court or below the sidebar navigation.

The layout of editable regions in templates on LiveWhale for

Editable content regions can contain text and images, along with dynamic content such as widgets, blurbs, forms, documents, etc. – which are shown as light blue bars (#2 above) and are created separately and brought in when the page is rendered on the screen