Please visit “Faculty Webpages (Profiles)” in the Faculty Handbook first, if you haven’t already.

Basic profiles for new faculty are created by the web administrator in the Office of the Provost, based on information providing by the hiring unit. After it has been created and you have activated your Purchase email account, you can edit your profile. 

Step 1: Log into LiveWhale

You can use the “Editor Login” button in the website footer or the button above.

Use your Purchase username and password to login. Once logged in, you’ll be brought to your profile and can begin editing.

Faculty profile example

Step 2: Fill out your profile

Anything you add to your profile will be displayed on the website on your profile page.

For example, when you edit the “Description” field, those changes will appear in the top part of your profile. 

We recommended using a bulleted list when you have a long list of publications, awards, or exhibitions/ performances.

Include your office hours on your profile by listing the appropriate times or “By Appointment” next to each day.

Some parts of your profile can only be changed by the website administrator in the Office of the Provost. These include your name, title(s), education, status (full-time, part-time, or emeritus; leave dates), board-of-study coordinator designation when applicable, external website when applicable, Chancellor’s awards, and your Purchase email address that appears on the faculty list. For more information, please see “Faculty Webpages (Profiles)” in the Faculty Handbook.

View the example profile.