Go to Details > Edit Page Details, and look on the right hand side for Privacy options.

The default setting is “Everyone”. Anyone visiting the website will be able to view the page, and the page will show up in search results.

To hide a page from search results

Set the page detail privacy options to “Anyone with the link”.

You can choose to include a link to the page in your navigation, or add a link to the page on another page.

To hide pages from all members of the public

Set the privacy options to “Any logged-in user” to hide sensitive or private content from public viewers. This requires the person to log in to the website with their Purchase account before viewing the page. The page will not show up in search results.

In rare cases, you may need to restrict this even further to just members of your LiveWhale group. In this case, set the privacy options to “This group only” and rest assured that only members of your group who are logged into the website will be able to see it.